The Hourhand is a Canadian Rock power trio from Regina, SK. consisting of Gray Farrow (Lead Vocals & Lead Bass), Cole Van Woert (Lead Guitar & Lead Backup Vocals), and Dawson Dressler (Lead percussion).


The Hourhand brings to the world their take on what a modern rock band should be.

Their heavy hitting and timeless power rock combined with an energetic stage presence result in a killer live show that audiences remember. 

Their debut single, “Speakeasy” (written by Gray Farrow/Cole Van Woert/Dawson Dressler) was released in late 2018 across social media platforms hitting a collective 45 thousand views. The band has gained a reliable reputation for entertaining shows and this recognition has paid off, allowing them to open for acts such as The Lazys and One Bad Son.



Forming in their mid-teens around late 2015, Cole, Dawson and Gray hit the ground running covering their favorite rock anthems. The trio amazed crowds with musicianship skills that far surpassed their age when performing complex covers of songs, winning numerous “Battle of the Bands” contests along the way. The trio have solidified their foundation on the the classic genres created by their idols such as Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, Rush and later ones with the likes of Soundgarden, Royal Blood and Monster Truck.


Since then, the real focus has been on songwriting and bringing to the world their own take on what a hard rock band should be. Their success has allowed them to quickly write and release their self-titled EP (recorded at Blue Door Studios and Divergent Sounds, produced by Justin Bender) in 2018 while still in their teens. This EP delivers songs that are rooted in blissful, driven ROCK, that add hints of progressive-ness: blending alternative time signatures, melodic guitar and bass rhythms, diverse lyrical topics, and a wall of sound.

The Hourhand is hungry and they’re getting aggressive. Since their debut release, they have been focused on honing their songwriting skills to benefit their live show, succeeding in pushing the experience to another level. They make it obvious; Owning the stage is their goal and you’ll clearly see that in the intense live show. They regularly debut new songs and refine their stage presence and antics to ensure that there’s always something new to see and that you’ll be engaged the entire time that they’re on stage. Ask anyone who has seen The Hourhand live show, and they will tell you firsthand that Gray Dawson and Cole are young, driven and undeniable proof that Rock music is in good hands.